Chizi’s Tale

Every time we visit a game reserve I feel fortunate to show my children the rhinos, being very aware of the fierce battle that is raging against poaching in South Africa and our neighbouring countries. It’s devastating to think that one day we might not have these majestic animals roaming our lands. It’s why we must all join this fight to help save the rhinos, so that our children and our grandchildren will still be able to see rhinos in the wild in their lifetimes.

Chizi’s Tale is the remarkable story of an orphaned black rhino in Zimbabwe who was raised by a park ranger and his family for three years until he was returned to the wild. The book, which is based on a true story, is written by Jack Jones, a young American student who after visiting Africa annually from an early age became passionate about protecting nature.

The book has wonderful illustrations by Zimbabwean artist Jacqui Taylor. The pictures capture the essence of Chizi’s playful and mischievous nature, while really highlighting the beauty of the wild. They will captivate your little ones and bring to life the story of this rhino who loved soccer, taking naps under the air-conditioner, and sneaking into the shower to cool off on hot days.

Chizi's Tale Book Review

The story will appeal to young children, even though you may be fielding lots of questions about Chizi’s aforementioned love of soccer and showering! The photos of the real Chizi with park ranger Colin and his family were a bonus, and enabled me to start a discussion about how this book was based on a real story. As your child learns to read it will also be a great title for them to enjoy.

The conservation of our wildlife is an important lesson to teach our children, and we are all responsible to do what we can to support the fight. All proceeds from the sale of Chizi’s Tale will be donated to Tusk and will be used to help protect the black rhino. With just 5000 black rhinos thought to be left in the wild now, it’s clear that Chizi and his species need our help. For just R80 you will be able to help, and also share a beautiful story of how one of the fiercest animals in Africa became a beloved family pet.

Chizi's Tale Book Review

Chizi’s Tale is available at a recommended retail price of R80 from bookstores and online retailers. I have bought a copy and donated it to my daughter’s school – I challenge you to do the same. Together we can make a difference and ensure that the rhinos will be there for us to visit for generations to come.

Last word from Amy: “I like Chizi’s Tale, it teaches you to help him get to the loo when he bends his knees.  He sneaks into the shower sometimes when it’s hot, and he likes bananas to get him out of the air-conditioner, but he didn’t like it when the kids dressed him like a unicorn!”

Thanks to Penguin Random House for inspiring us to keep up the fight for our wildlife.




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