Disney on Ice: The place to be this Winter!

What do you do when you’re in Durban and Disney on Ice comes to town? You dress up as your favourite Elsa princess, and count down the sleeps of course! The popular show has been to Cape Town and Johannesburg in previous years, but this is the first time us Golden Mile folk have had the chance to see the event…and Durban didn’t let us down with sold-out shows and a buzz of excitement in the air. Disney on Ice was the place to be this Winter!

Disney on Ice - Rafiki

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy will take you on a journey in The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice to discover that the greatest treasure we all can have is family and friendship. You’ll dive into the ocean with Dory, stomp your feet with Woody and Buzz, and then be singing “Under the Sea” with Aerial and Sebastian. The frozen wonder of Arendelle will delight young and old, as Olaf (who earned the most kiddie screams and applause when he emerged) entertains while sisters Anna and Elsa learn about the true meaning of love.  The Lion King is still a favourite, and you will find it hard not to sing along to the wonderful songs with Simba and Rafiki, while Timon and Pumba will definitely bring a smile to your face. The Aladdin and Genie were in another wonderful scene, with the elephant (on skates!) being a highlight for me.

Disney on Ice - Mickey and Mini Mouse

The production ran smoothly from start to end, with the props and sets being seamlessly added and taken away. I was still being surprised right up until the end of the show with different effects and lighting, it certainly kept my eyes glued to the rink! The costumes were incredible, amazingly detailed and stunningly vibrant, and I thought the sound and music was excellent too. The skating performances were incredible and kept all of us mesmerised for the entire show, which was close on two hours with a short interval.

Disney on Ice - Aladin

To see the look of excitement in my daughter’s eyes (she’s three) as she recognised each of the Disney characters brought to life was something I will always remember. She sprang out of her chair when Sebastian skated on, and didn’t stop asking me when Princess Elsa was coming right up until she made her grand entrance. My son, who is only one, sat remarkably still for almost the entire show, testament to just how enchanting it really is. And the next morning we were all singing the opening to “The Circle of Life” while Amy is still singing “Let it Go” as memories of her favourite princess skating no doubt play in her mind.

The Disney on Ice show was magical and spectacular and so very fun, it’s must-see if you have children. The show has already finished it’s stop in Johannesburg and Durban, with Cape Town next on the list. Make sure you catch it while you can, otherwise you’ll be waiting impatiently for it to roll into town next year. It’s well worth the cost of the tickets, but make sure you take a few extra pennies if you want any Disney merchandise.

Last word from Amy: “I like Minnie Mouse because she was ice-skating. Seeing the people is fun, I love them so much and I want to see them at Disneyland. I want to see Aerial at the beach and at uShaka also.” She starts singing ‘Just Keep Swimming.’ “I like the popcorn and my balloon. I was smiling in the show because I liked it. I liked Buzz and Woody, and the cowgirl, and the green guys.”

Thanks to Showtime Management and Feld Entertainment for sharing the magic of Disney on Ice with us! 

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