Feverish fashion

A little while ago Amy started running a high fever in the late afternoon. Of course it was the late afternoon on a Sunday, as most parents know this is often the case with children! The fever didn’t break with our usual tricks, and eventually we had to call granny to babysit Ethan while we headed to the hospital’s emergency room in the early evening.

Amy had been very lacklustre all afternoon since the fever started, but her ears pricked up at the mention of the hospital visit and she dashed into her room. I followed to see her frantically throwing clothes out of her cupboard as she attempted to select the perfect outfit for the outing. I watched as she finally settled on a skirt and slops, the fever forgotten for now as she explained how this was going to look ‘so nice mom.’ Never mind it was cold and raining outside, she had chosen the perfect ‘I’m going to the ER with a raging fever’ outfit apparently.

Her fever temporarily still forgotten, she then proceeded to pack her bag with a selection of goodies. Did she think she was overnighting? Bag on her back, water bottle in hand, she was totally rocking her carefully selected outfit, and she was ready to go!

After seeing the doctor on call at the hospital it turned out she had a bad throat infection that had caused the fever. The medicine kicked in quickly to lower the fever and she happily watched some videos on dad’s phone while we waited to be discharged. You’d never have thought she had been so ill just a few hours earlier hearing her belt out the tracks. To make matters even more curious the song she chose to sing along too, actions and all, was ‘If you’re happy and you know it.’

I think a holiday away is long overdue…and this time to somewhere a bit more welcoming than the local ER.


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  • Reply Oliver Snyders October 25, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    I like that reassurance: ‘It’s going to look so nice Mom!’

    Cutie! 😉

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