Hatchimals Week of Wow

The Hatchimals Week of Wow was lots of fun to showcase the latest products from the Hatchimals range that is now available for Christmas. Let’s take a look a closer look at what we hatched!

The Hatchimals Pixies were easy and fun to hatch. Simply hold the egg and rub the purple heart until it turns pink then crack the shell and discover which of the eight collectible pixies is inside. The Royal Snow Ball Hatchimals Pixies are inspired by their Hatchtopia hangouts and each include one royal pixie with a stylish outfit, sparkly glitter hair, soft magical fluttery wings and poseable head. You’ll also find two fun accessories for your pixie as well as spinning dance floor display which can all be stored in the bottom of the egg. We hatched Citrus Carley and Breezy Brenda, and Amy loved not only hatching the pixies but also playing with them and they look cute in her room. This pack retails for R249.99.

Mermal Magic is Season 5 of the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles range and these special eggs give you the chance to hatch and discover magical new characters who change colour underwater. The Mermal Magic 4 pack + bonus includes five Hatchimals, rub the purple heart on each egg until it turns pink then press down to crack the shell and discover your new friend. Will you hatch Mermals (half-mermaid, half-Hatchimal), or characters from Racing River and Sunshine Surf. Dip the Hatchimals in warm water and see as they magically transform colour.  Super fun to hatch and play with, especially with the colour change! This pack retails at R249.99.

The awesome Hatchimals Mermal Magic Coral Castle was one of our favourites. The Mermal Magic Coral Castle is a beautiful playset that allows your child to explore a magical underwater world. Unfold the playset and discover the seashell spinner, sparkly perch, glitter shower and over 15 places for your Hatchimals to sit. There’s even a slide and Mermal pool which you can fill with warm water to watch your Hatchimals change colour. The castle also comes with two exclusive characters, one hidden inside a treasure chest for even more underwater fun. This playset retails for R499.99.

We then looked at the Hatchimals Mermal Magic 12 Pack Egg Carton. This awesome pack includes 10 seashell-shaped eggs and two exclusive out-of-egg Clownfish. Hold the purple heart until it turns pink, gently hold down to crack the shell and discover your Hatchimals. Dip them in warm water to see them change colour! The egg carton is great to display them, store them or for on the go fun. This pack retails for R599.99.

The Hatchtopia Life Plushes are fluffy plush toys that your children will love hatching. Rub their shell until the purple heart turns pink, gently press down to crack the shell and meet your new soft Hatchimal. Each one also comes with two Hatchi codes to unlock features and mini games with the Hatchopia life app which is available on both the Playstore and IOS. There are over 15 characters to collect and each one is available for R199.99.

Which is your favourite Hatchimal?

Thanks to Just Fun Toys for all the hatching fun! 

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  • Reply Lameez Williams November 17, 2019 at 9:06 am

    So amazing, learn alot with so much fuun.all is adorable!!

    • Reply Lisa Trollip November 17, 2019 at 8:08 pm

      The whole range is very cute, perfect ideas for Christmas too!

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