Seek-and-find with Counting Cars

Counting Cars is a new seek-and-find board book from Priddy Books. This book is aimed at children between the ages of two to four, and focuses on developing both number and matching skills as well as problem solving.

Being a board book means it’s sturdy, and so it slotted into my collection of children’s books which are accessible to my two kiddies and which I encourage them to read whenever they choose. It’s also a good size for little hands to hold, and the tabs make it easy to turn the pages.

Each double page spread features a different cars theme and invites readers to find different objects on those pages. For example, the construction theme has many different diggers, cranes, and cement mixers, with writing that then tasks readers with finding five yellow diggers or four tiger pick-ups. In doing so the book is encouraging your children to practise various skills such as counting, colours, and even practise their identification of animals and vehicles. You don’t have to stick to the script either, you can discuss the many objects and actions on each page to test their knowledge, increase their vocabulary and just generally promote discussion. Once you’re done with that page turn over to chat about a different theme such as red fire engines and rushing ambulances, or race cars and limos.

For my one year old this book was a favourite because he’s a boy and he loves cars! We could read the book together, chatting about cars and colours, while he could easily hold the book and turn the pages by himself. My three year old daughter also enjoyed Counting Cars, she didn’t mind sitting and reading together with my son and I when our discussion was simpler, but she also enjoyed more one-on-one time with me where we could focus on searching for the items and actions that the book suggested. She even enjoyed reading the book alone where she would set herself tasks to find certain things and then point them out in the book.

Counting Cars is a wonderful choice for children who are learning to count and the wide variety of vehicles will be enjoyed by both boys and girls. There is a lot of variety in the book, allowing you to discuss different actions and words with your children, and if you have kids of different ages (but probably under the age of four) they will all enjoy the brightly coloured pages that are both fun and engaging.

Counting Cars is available at a recommended retail price of R89 from South African online retailers and bookstores.

Last word from Amy: “I like the cars, and I love Daddy reading it to me and I like looking at the pictures. There are lots of pictures, and I like the animals in the cars.”

Thanks to Pan Macmillan SA for making us even more crazy about cars, we knew we could count on you!


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