Baby Goes to Market

Baby Goes to Market is a brightly coloured and fun tale of a baby who goes to a busy West African marketplace with his Mama. Baby is strapped to Mama’s back and as Mama explores the marketplace and collects the food she needs, Baby too collects some tasty treats of his own!

The bustling marketplace is brought to life so beautifully in Baby Goes to Market and it will captivate your children’s attention. They will enjoy meeting the different market sellers at their stalls and giggle as Baby is given various food items to snack on.

Baby enjoys a bit of each food given to him, but then stores the rest safely inside Mama’s basket on her head. Mama is busy and does not notice Baby eating, nor the bananas, oranges, chin-chin biscuits, sweetcorn and coconut pieces that Baby is putting in the basket.

The vibrant market stalls and busy market sellers portrayed in Baby Goes to Market are inspired by markets known to Nigerian-born author Atinuke and illustrator Angela Brooksbank, who grew up in West Africa. Your children will delight in listening to and watching the story unfold, the beautiful bright illustrations a perfect way for them to track Baby’s progress through the market and how Mama’s basket is filling up. They will also enjoy counting all the food Baby receives and stores inside the basket, and Mama’s surprise when she discovers it all!

Baby Goes to Market is a fun story with lovely rhythmic language and clever counting woven into the tale. This book is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R175. It’s recommended for children between the ages of three to seven years.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for letting us walk through this crowded market with Baby and his Mama.




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