Barbie Estate: Beach picnic outdoor furniture

You may have spotted the Barbie Estate range in stores, it includes a wonderful story house, fun moped, as well as great indoor and outdoor furniture sets to bring even more excitement to your little girl’s Barbie play time.

I love that the range encourages our children to role-play, and I’ve seen how Amy can spend hours enjoying setting up her dolls’ zone and then using the accessories to create imaginative stories. Those lucky Barbie friends get to go on holiday a lot with her!

Now Barbie can even go to the beach with the cool beach picnic outdoor furniture set. The set includes an umbrella beach chair, cooler box and beach towel, and what would a trip to the beach be without fun sunglasses, suntan cream, and a drink with a straw. You’ll also receive a cute puppy in the set, and she’s very happy to sit in the shade and share your day out.

Barbie’s drink and suntan cream can slot nicely into the top of the cooler box or the chair, or she can even hold them in her hand. Amy loves that the cooler box can open, and she stores all sorts of goodies inside for Barbie. The sunglasses fit nicely onto Barbie’s head to help her keep her cool. All the furniture and accessories are brightly coloured and will have you counting down the days to summer! Barbie sits nicely in the chair, but it will topple over without her in it.

I had to smile when I saw Amy arrange this outdoor furniture set for the first time. Barbie was placed in the chair, with the puppy on her lap. The cooler box was within reach with the drink on hand, and the towel was laid under the chair. It was Barbie’s perfect day at the beach.

The Barbie Estate: Beach picnic outdoor furniture is available for a recommended retail price of R199 from toy stores and online retailers.

Last word from Amy: “I like to play with the doggie sitting on her lap because it’s so sweet. I love the cooler box because it has drinks. It’s fun because we can pretend with Barbie.”

Thanks to Mattel South Africa for letting us take Barbie to the beach with this fun set!

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