Bath time fun!

My kids have loved bath time from when they were little, it’s always a happy time of the day when you can hear water splashing and children shrieking with delight. As babies the simple act of kicking those tiny little toes in the water is enough to keep them entertained, but as they grow they enjoy bath toys to make bathing more fun. In the beginning it’s quite easy to find bath toys, there’s a good selection of different fun and often educational toys to choose from. But as the kids get older they outgrow what once captivated them and you have to get more creative to keep them happy in the bath.

Bath time fun

I’ve done a bit of searching for a few fun new bath toys for my children who are now 8 and 5. I thought I would share them here to give you some new ideas. I hope this helps, and please be sure to let me know if you have any other ideas too!

1. Bath crayons. These are so fun to safely draw on walls and tiles in the bath. Get ready for some fabulously colourful art, but be warned they may not want to wash it away! If your child is learning to write this is also a great way for them to practice writing their name and different words.

2. Bath beans. My kids love the bath beans and they’re also small enough to pop into a toilet bag as an away surprise. Once you add them to the water they will slowly unfurl to reveal a little sponge. There are so many different themes to choose from, so there’s something for everyone from cars to dinosaurs, from unicorns to wild animals. The kids play with these for ages and they can often inspire creative stories in the bath too.

3. Bath bombs. Not just a treat for mom, bath bombs are the ultimate spoil for kiddies too. Make sure you use them on the weekend when the kids can stay in the bath for longer and really enjoy the experience. You can get different shaped bath bombs for kids and some even have fun little sponges hidden inside. The bubble bars are also a great choice for them to enjoy over a few baths.

4. Empty bottles. Never underestimate the value of a good ol’ empty bottle! My two love using the empty body wash bottles to mix all sorts of different potions. Bonus if the bottle has a squirter, but any kind of different size bottles (even without lids) will bring hours of playtime. I’d like to think we’re giving the bottle some extra love before it’s recycled too.

5. Fozzi’s Foam for Fun. I usually buy these as a treat for the kids. They are available in different colours and are fun for writing with too. They’re also the perfect ingredient to add to make a potion even more magical. If you really want to surprise the kids keep these a secret until bath time and then cover them in the spray!

Happy bath time fun! 

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