Be Plastic Clever

Budding eco-warriors will delight in learning more about plastic in the new Be Plastic Clever. The book is written by Amy and Ella Meek, two teenage activists who started the Kids Against Plastic campaign in the UK.

Be Plastic Clever introduces us to the differences between essential plastics, avoidable plastics and convenience plastics (also known as single-use plastics). You’ll learn about the history of plastics, details on Nurdles (which we have even spotted on our local beaches) and the reality of plastic toys. My children were shocked to see the garbage patches in our oceans.

The book highlights the types of plastic and gives valuable insight into what plastics can be recycled in your home. You’ll also learn about how long plastics last for and it’s always sad to see how many years it takes for some plastic items to break down. There was lots for us to learn about microfibres, downcycling and bioplastics too along with details on how plastic is recycled.

For my children the impact that plastic has on our wildlife always hits home the hardest, whenever they see plastic litter around they are always very stressed about how it may end up in the oceans and hurt our sea creatures. I think this is the single biggest motivator that drives our desire to say no to plastic. Amy in particular is also very aware of climate change, on a very hot day she will often talk about this.

In addition to giving us a wealth of information about plastic, the book also offers suggestions of what we can do to help by being Plastic Clever. This is the main focus of the book, highlighting the belief that we can’t be plastic free but that we can be smarter with our use of plastic. It starts with us reducing our use of the single-use plastics that are most often found polluting the oceans, these include plastic bottles, plastic cups and lids, plastic straws and plastic bags. We can also introduce simple changes into our lives, such as using reusable items, being more eco-friendly at home, and educating ourselves about non-plastic alternatives.

You’ll also have the chance to learn more about the Be Plastic Clever Campaign and even be able to follow guidelines on how to start your own campaign and some tips for public speaking. The book also features inspirational words, interviews and details of important people in the fight against plastic.

Be Plastic Clever is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R165.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sharing this motivational book with us.

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