Cars 3: My Busy Books

The Cars 3: My Busy Books includes a storybook, 12 figurines, and a playmat. The storybook has 11 board book pages which each feature a different car from the Cars 3 film. The storybook pages are brightly coloured and include a bit of information about each featured car.

At the back of the pages is a small indent with a division, on the top side is the playmat and the other side has the figurines inside. When you unfold the large playmat it has two pictures on it, divided horizontally with two different views of the race track. Kids always enjoy playing with cars on tracks, and this was no different. It’s easy to fold up and store back inside the My Busy Books, and will withstand quite rough play thanks to the glossy finish.

The 12 car figurines are really great quality, it’s fun to put them onto each page as you read about that car. But more than that the cars were played with a lot during general playtime in my house. They are nicely coloured and good replicas of the cars from the film. Being figurines they don’t have wheels that spin, but are still a popular choice for my little one who regularly grabs them on outings and one has even surprisingly been through a spin in the dishwasher!

Now that my daughter has seen the My Busy Books figurines she has noticed the rest of the range in bookstores too. Having seen how fun and what great quality they are, she may find one under the Christmas tree this year!

Cars 3: My Busy Books is available at bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R250.

Last word from Amy: “I like the little cars and the playmat. They can race on the table and the couch and the grass.  I like the cars, you can match them on the page.”

Thanks to Penguin Random House for keeping little hands busy!

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  • Reply Gretel lim October 9, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Yes pls my boy will be over the moon for this he loves cars so much that even in his dream you can hear Bbbrrrummmmm! Bbbbrrrrummm

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