Discover your First 100 Animals with lift-the-flap

Lift-the-flap First 100 Animals is an interactive board book from Priddy Books. If you’re a parent this first 100 series is ideal to help young kiddies between the ages of one to three learn about animals.

It’s a nice big size to sit on the floor with your baby or toddler and read it together. The photos of the animals are bright and clear, making this book a great way to introduce your children to animals. The animals are organised into different categories, such as farm animals, wild animals or pets, which makes it easy to discuss the animals and where we can find them.

There are a few books in this series that we have read, and they have all been colourful and bright. The pages are not as strong as the other books in this series though, so it’s best to read it together with younger children. My daughter has always enjoyed the lift-the-flap books, and at age three she still does! Yes, again they do require supervision with younger children to prevent them from accidentally being too heavy handed and tearing the flaps. But children absolutely love lifting the flaps to see what’s hidden below and I think it’s a great way to spend some interactive time reading, while at the same time teaching them to be gentle with books. The flaps are hard to lift at first, but once they have been lifted a few times it gets easier for the kiddies to do it themselves.

With over 50 flaps to lift in this book they’re going to have a fun time exploring! The flaps require different involvement, for example one page may ask your little ones to guess which pet lives in each area, while the animal noises page asks them to identify different animals using their shadows and their sounds. This means that as your child grows they will enjoy this book in different ways, as using animal patterns to identify which animal is hiding under the flap is more challenging for the little ones, as is learning to identity animals’ moms by showing the baby animal with the mom hidden under the flap.

Lift-the-flap First 100 Animals is a good choice to introduce your children to a great variety of animals, ranging from a pet goldfish to a pig on a farm, from an elephant in the wild to a snake in the jungle. The flaps in the book are fun and interactive, and will engage a young baby with mom or dad to help while an older toddler will enjoy challenging themselves to the memory game, animal patterns or opposites.

Lift-the-flap First 100 Animals is available at a recommended retail price of R130 from South African online retailers and bookstores.

Last word from Amy: “I like the animals and I love Daddy to read it to me at night with my brother too. I like turning the flaps, it’s fun.”

Thanks to Pan Macmillan SA for helping to teach our little ones that horses neigh and lions roar!

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