Fitbit Alta HR

As most moms will know finding the time to exercise seems almost impossible most days. When you’re busy looking after your kiddies, exercise seems to be the first thing to be pencilled onto the ‘To Do’ list.

Even though chasing toddlers and keeping tummies filled with snacks all day takes a lot of energy, we still need to be reminded how important exercise is. And we may need a little motivation to get moving again! Enter the Fitbit Alta HR, an accessory you can actually wear as a mom without fear of it being tugged at like dangly earrings or pulled at like your favourite necklace.

In addition to being a watch (to help you know when it’s your little one’s nap time), the Fitbit Alta HR helps you automatically track other awesome things too. For instance, you can see how many steps you’ve taken that day (running after your toddler who has the other end of the loo roll) and your heart rate (best not checked when asking your kids where their shoes are in the morning). You’ll also be able to track how many kilometers you’ve walked that day (don’t underestimate how many you rack up while packing toys away daily), and even the number of calories you’ve burned (sneaking in a piece of chocolate during nap time isn’t so bad after all). The Fitbit Alta HR even has a sleep tracker, which can remind you when you should be going to sleep (no more one more level please) and give you feedback on the quality of the sleep you enjoyed in the morning.

This heart rate and fitness wristband is available in different colours and sizes, and with its slim design and interchangeable bands (which are super comfortable) it looks great with any outfit. Double tap on the display to bring up the time, then tap again to scroll between the different data. It’s so easy that your kids will quickly learn how to do it and want to check your results too!

FitBit Alta HRThe combination of being able to check on my steps during the day along with the reminders that vibrated to tell me to “move move move!” encouraged me to get up and get moving. This often led to me and my two kiddies (and even the two Labradors) going for short laps in the garden. I was also motivated to get my heart rate up, which made doing housework and chores a lot more fun!

The Fitbit app, which you can download for free, is easy to install and pair with the Fitbit using your smartphone’s Bluetooth.  Using the app you’ll be able to set up different goals, track all your stats and share with anyone else if you’re brave enough. The battery life of this Fitbit is great, I found it lasting for up to seven days on one charge. To charge it you simply slide the unit into the little charging dock and plug it in using the USB attachment.

I loved my time with my Fitbit Alta HR, in fact it’s hard to imagine life without it now! As a busy mom it’s a great way to ensure you still keep exercise in mind, even if it’s only a few extra laps around the garden with the family in tow.

The Fitbit Alta HR is available in stores and online now for a recommended retail price of R2499.

Last word from Amy: “I’d like to wear it one day on my arm when I go out. I’d like to give it a try.”

Fitbit Alta HR

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