Future Friend (Book Review)

Future Friend is the new adventure from best-selling author David Baddiel. The hilarious story of Pip and her new best friend Rahul is illustrated by one of our favourite illustrators Steven Lenton. Both of my kids were transfixed while we read this book together, making it a wonderful choice as both a read aloud title and middle grade book for confident readers.

Future Friend

It’s the year 3020 and life is very different to what we know now. The outside world is a dangerous place with extreme heat and floods keeping Pip housebound in her LivingSpace. She goes to virtual school on her G-Glasses and her only friends are a talking cat and parrot. But that all changes when she is transported to a warehouse in 2019 where she meets a boy inventor named Rahul.

The two curious children quickly become friends as they work together to find a way back to the future. We laughed out loud as Pip explored Rahul’s world with both trepidation and excitement, with extra belly laughs always reserved for Dag the parrot and Squeezy-Paws the cat who the duo must do their best to hide from Rahul’s parents.

This time-traveling adventure is as creative as it is funny, and if you think your child will enjoy reading more about RoboClones, ImageSuits that render you invisible, GravityLess Boots, MindLinks and even Bean Pants then you’re definitely going to want to jump into the time portal and travel 1001 years back with your new Future Friend Pip.

Would you like a best friend from the future?

Future Friend is available for a recommended retail price of R235. It’s recommended for children aged eight to twelve years.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with us.

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