Giggles and hugs with Teletubby Po

Day one: The red Laugh and Giggle Teletubby arrives in the house. Despite me telling Amy the Teletubby’s name is Po she names her Lucy. She is hugged and cuddled all day, with a lot of giggling every time her tummy is tickled, which is a lot. I am surprised to see that Winnie the Pooh is now sharing bedtime snuggle duties. I discover a convenient on/off switch inside Po’s back. This handy switch saves the day (or rather night) to quiet her giggles for tomorrow.

Day two: Amy’s Teletubby is still a firm favourite and joins us for breakfast along with her trusty honey-loving bear. She asks if she can take her to uShaka tomorrow with us because she will be lonely if she’s left at home. I win the “Best Mom” award by saying yes and am rewarded with a beaming little girl who promises to carry her the whole time and take care of her. These are my conditions for toys that leave the house.  Po does reading and colouring-in with her before being wrapped up warmly again at bedtime.

Day three: Po is drawing a lot of attention on our outing to uShaka, both young and old are pointing to her and commenting. Po isn’t worried at all, she’s just enjoying seeing the turtles and dolphins with her new friend. True to her word Amy carries her the whole outing, only handing her over towards the end when we get an ice-cream and she doesn’t want to get her dirty. I find her circle antennae is convenient for storing her on my pram hook. Winnie the Pooh is still sharing bedtime but he seems to also be enjoying snuggle time with the new toy on the block.

Day four: Po is actively being sought after by Amy’s little brother Ethan. She is still passionate about her Teletubby, but does let him cuddle her every now and again. He grabs Po every chance he gets though to sneak in extra cuddles. I think she likes it because she always giggles a lot when he hugs her. She has lots of hugs and giggles to give!

The verdict

Laugh and Giggle Po has been well received and well loved in our house. Her giggling is enjoyed by the young ones who live here, but if you would like a break it’s easy enough to switch off. The toy is soft and cuddly, and her antennae makes it easy for little hands to grasp and carry her. Her bright red colour hasn’t showed up any marks yet, although her nose has taken some damage from all the interaction. This plush toy is available from toy stores and online retailers for R499 and is also available in yellow Laa-Laa.

Last word from Amy: “I like that she giggles because she really loves me. I love her because she’s soft and she likes to sleep in my duvet when it’s cold. She’s sweet and she’s my baby.”

The bottom line

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Teletubbies first arrived on our TVs? To celebrate this there is a new plush range including the stars of the show: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. In addition to our Laugh and Giggle Po, you can keep an eye out for Lallaby Laa-Laa who sings classic lullabies and whose tummy shines when pressed, along with all four characters as Talking Plush toys, and Jumping Po who bounces and jumps.

Thanks to Prima Toys for bringing even more giggles into our home!


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