Giraffe and Frog

Giraffe and Frog is a fun and a bit of a quirky story of two friends who are going to the beach, only one of them isn’t listening and ends up taking them on a hair-raising adventure.

Frog knows the way to the beach, but Giraffe just won’t listen. When he leads them to a farm field Frog points out that this isn’t the beach and that there’s no sand to build sandcastles. Giraffe still won’t listen to poor Frog, and leads him on a wild journey to the desert. Frog is then forced to once again point out that this isn’t the beach and that there’s no sea to swim in.

The story continues with Giraffe not listening, until eventually he does and Frog leads them to the beach at last. It’s a delightfully different story with wonderful illustrations that bring the zany characters to life. I found the text inspired me to read the tale in different voices to my children, the way the story unfolds and the unique pictures that accompany the story just work to bring this funny book to life.

C’mon Giraffe, listen to Frog! A great way to teach little ones about how it feels to not be listened to. Giraffe and Frog is available at a recommended retail price of R145 from bookstores and online retailers now.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for letting us giggle along with Giraffe and Frog.


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