Growing up

As a mom I have cherished the firsts with my children. There have been so many, and I have sat proudly watching them with so much excitement as their little eyes shone. I love being there to experience these with them, but this year I’ve found that maybe my mom heart is in for some heartache and to be honest I’m not sure if I’m ready for that just yet.

Amy started Grade 1 and within a week she told me that I didn’t have to walk her in, she was fine on her own. This took the wind from my sails a little, but I was proud that she had settled in so well and adjusted to her new routine so quickly. The next day this precious child of mine came and told me that she still wants me to take her into school because she loves me and she still wants to hold my hand.

Even though I hadn’t said anything to her (only a few tears were shed to her Dad in private), she is so perceptive and knows me so well that she had thought about it and realised this would have made me sad. So putting her feelings aside she had decided to put me first and step up to stay little a while longer.

Fast forward a few days and Ethan says he doesn’t need me to walk him into school either. He’s only three and so this caught me even more off guard. As a mom there is no better feeling in this world than that little hand reaching for yours and holding you tight. Our job as parents is to guide our children and to give them the courage to spread their wings, but often we don’t realise that its when they spread their wings that our hearts will break a little, even if that means we are in fact doing our job well.

So hold on to their hands tight mama, because you don’t know for how long they will want to hold yours back.

There are two gifts we should give our children. The one is roots and the other is wings.

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