Little Live: Bizzy Bubs

We are big fans of the Little Live Pets range in our home, and we’ve had many hours of fun with the Surprise Chick and the Lil’ Cutie Pup. So I was excited to see the new Bizzy Bubs added to this amazing range. Bizzy Bubs is the sweetest little baby, and my kids fell in love with her instantly.

Not only is Bizzy Bubs cute, but as with the other Little Live Pets she’s interactive too. There are a few different Bizzy Bubs available, and each does different actions. We received Snowbeam who can walk and talk like a real baby. Switch her on using the button on her back and she will babble away sweetly and also walk forwards. True to her name she’s wearing a nappy decorated with snowflakes and she also has a snowflake in her hair. You can push the snowflake on the nappy pin and she will start babbling and walking.

Her arms are articulated so you can move them up and down, and her hair is a softer plastic which is quite soft to the touch. The battery compartment is hidden underneath her hair and it’s very easy to remove and then replace them when you need to. I love that when she walks her little waist moves, mimicking the real action of a baby who is not yet quite steady on her feet.

Bizzy Bubs comes with a dummy and a bottle, each also decorated with her signature snowflake of course. Pop either one in her mouth and she will make little sucking and drinking noises. Listen carefully and you’ll hear her say ‘tickles.’

My children have both loved the time they’ve spent with Bizzy Bubs so far, and I often find the two of them cooing over her together. She’s come tucked away in Amy’s bag on almost every outing since we got her, and she usually earns a special spot sleeping next to her bed at night too.

Little Live: Bizzy Bubs is available for a recommended retail price of R399.90 from toy shops and online retailers. It’s recommended for children aged five years and older. Look out for the other Bizzy Bubs in the range who can crawl and play peek-a-boo. There are also playsets available which include cribs and carriers.

Thanks to Prima Toys for sharing Bizzy Bubs Snowbeam with us.

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