The new NIVEA Sun Kids range is here!

Heading into the Spring months now it becomes more important than ever to apply sunscreen to your children. We all know that we should apply sunscreen to our kids during the cooler Winter days too, but as it becomes warmer we are more likely to spend time outdoors and we need to make sure our kiddies are protected with the best.

NIVEA is launching three new products in the NIVEA Sun Kids range today. Each product is designed to make it easier and more fun to apply, so your kids can enjoy time in the sun having fun while you know their skin is protected with SPF 50+ and an extra water resistant formula.

NIVEA Sun is UVA and UVB balanced protection compliant with the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa requirements and with ISO European Standards, as are the water resistant formulas. The new NIVEA Sun Kids products also features a new Clothing Protection Complex which helps to prevents stains on clothing.

The NIVEA Sun Kids Sun Protection Roll-on is so easy to apply that your little ones will be able to do it themselves, helping to teach independence and educate them about the importance of sunscreen from an early age. It’s also small enough to keep in your bag in case you’re out and about and want to quickly apply sunscreen for some time outdoors, and the perfect size to leave one in their school bag too. The roll-on glides easily onto your kiddies’ skin, is easily absorbed, and doesn’t leave any white marks behind.

If there’s one sunscreen your kids are going to love, it’s the NIVEA Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Spray. It sprays on blue making it quick, easy and fun to apply. The blue colour means you can check for even coverage, but the colour then disappears when its rubbed in and doesn’t leave any marks behind. This was my favourite of the new range, not sticky at all, easily absorbed, and the delicate smell reminds of a warm day at the beach!

If your child has sensitive skin the NIVEA Sun Kids Protect & Sensitive Sun Lotion is the right choice for you. It’s hypo-allergenic, free of colourants, perfume and preservatives. Despite it being a slightly thicker lotion, it is very easily absorbed, and this unscented lotion is aimed to reduce the risk of sun-induced allergies.

Spring is already here, and Summer is just around the corner too. It’s the perfect time to grab the new NIVEA Sun Kids range and make sure you’re always prepared! Don’t forget that your children should also always wear protective clothing and hats, reapply waterproof sunscreen after swimming, and limit their time in the sun between 11 and 3 where possible.

The NIVEA Sun Kids Range is available in stores from today. The NIVEA Sun Kids Protection Roll-On is R89.99 (50ml), NIVEA Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Spray is R174.99 (200ml), and the NIVEA Sun Kids Protect & Sensitive Sun Lotion (200ml) is R174.99.

Last word from Amy: “Sun cream is important because it protects you from the sun. I like the blue colour because it’s nice for kids. The roll-on is nice because it’s a circle. It’s easy because a kid can put it on by themselves. I like to put it on by myself because I can protect myself from the sun and it’s my body.”

Thanks to NIVEA for keeping our little ones safe while they have fun in the sun.

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