Nine Lives Newton

Newton is a dog, a dog who mistakenly believes he has nine lives. Spurred by his belief that he has all the luck in the world, Newton is determined to be a daring dog of danger. What could possibly go wrong?

Nine Lives Newton is a fun new picture book by Alice McKinley, one that will have your kiddies giggling as they follow Newton’s adventure to do all his favourite things but now in a much more daring and dangerous manner.

Newton heads to the Roarsome Adventure Nature Reserve where he plays with lions, practices his best bark without worrying about waking the sleeping bears and even relaxes in a pool of crocodiles. They will delight at the misunderstanding, gasp at his close calls, and roar with laughter at the unfortunate situations his friend, who is a cat and does have nine lives, tries to protect him from.

Your children will enjoy studying the wonderfully colourful and funny illustrations, and you’ll all be rooting for Newton and hoping this charming hero returns in another story soon.

Nine Lives Newton is available for a recommended retail price of R147.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this funny story with us.

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