No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom!

We loved meeting Bernard the robot in his first adventure, No-Bot The Robot with No Bottom!, so we couldn’t wait to read the new title No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom!

Bernard has moved on from being a robot with no bottom to being a robot whose bottom is making strange noises. Instead of enjoying a fun outing to the park with his friends, their time on the swings, slide, jungle gym and see-saw is interrupted by some very funny sounds.

As it turns out the noises are coming from Bernard’s bottom, and his friend Bear takes it away. But now Bernard is embarrassed and his other friends try to find him a new bottom, with hilarious results. Poor Bernard isn’t happy with the replacements his friends suggest, they are simply too smelly, too heavy or too noisy. Luckily Bear manages to fix his old bottom…but then what’s squeaking now?

No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom! is a fun story from Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We were happy to add this new title to our collection which includes Snowball, Cake and Supertato. Your children will enjoy listening to the story unfold, laughing at the different noises that Bernard’s bottom makes and giggling at the ending.

No-Bot The Robot’s New Bottom! is available from bookstores and online retailers. You can watch a book trailer below:

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with us.

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