Three dry sticks

A short while ago I was unpacking Amy’s school bag one afternoon after collecting her from school. There was the usual assortment of dirty socks, empty lunchbox, and suntan cream. But today there was also something new, there were three dry sticks.

I was intrigued and asked her what they were and why they were in her bag. She said “it’s a present for Mom and Dad, a special present from me to you.” It was one of those moments that your heart melts as a mom.

I asked her if I could put them in a vase and she said that would be nice. “I got them for you because they were so nice for you,” she continued. I got a small vase down from the cupboard and put them in the vase on the centre of our dining room table, her little face lit up and she was so happy.

I had read somewhere that one should accept what your child gives you because it may be all they have to give. I’m so glad I never threw those three dry sticks away, they are still in a vase on display and I love them more than I have ever loved any fancy roses that have been gifted to me.

So next time you see a leaf, stick or pod tucked away safely inside your children’s bag make sure to ask them about it…you may just be surprised at the answer too.

Disclaimer: This in no way gives my husband permission to give me dry sticks instead of fancy roses for special occasions. Roses are still very welcome.



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