Toilet Trouble

Toilet Trouble is a fun game that your kids will enjoy together with you or teamed up with their friends.

The game takes a little bit of assembly, but it’s simple to set up and won’t take long before you can get started (no plumbing needed). You’ll need to slot the toilet base into the game base and then attach the toilet bowl to the toilet base, followed by the toilet cistern to the toilet bowl (fun fact: how many times did I say toilet in that last sentence?). Next fill the toilet up to the line with clean water, flush until it sprays, and you’re ready to go! Its concept is quite simple, and even though it’s recommended for ages four and up, my 18 month old and three year old were able to play with us with a bit of assistance from mom and dad.

Toilet Trouble is, as the name suggests, a game that sees whether players will get into trouble with the toilet on their turn. Each player must take a turn to spin the toilet roll which will land on either a 1, 2 or 3. This indicates how many times that player must flush the toilet. Once you’ve flushed the toilet that many times and just hear the flush sound, it’s time to pass the toilet on for the next player’s turn (keep the seat up, no cheating!). But should you flush the toilet and be sprayed then you will be out of the game. The player who is the last toilet flusher standing without getting sprayed is the winner.


Each round is quite short (although this does depend on how long it takes for the toilet flushing to eliminate players), so it will hold the attention of younger players. My two kids really had fun with this game, it’s quite nerve-wracking flushing and seeing if you will get sprayed or not. The spray is just a fine mist so don’t worry about getting soaked, but it still causes lots of shrieking and laughter when it does happen! The toilet makes an authentic flush sound when you press down on the handle, adding to the porcelain charm of the game.

We are heading away on a family holiday with friends soon, and I can’t wait to pack Toilet Trouble…I know that the older kids will get a kick out of it and my friends will too I think. It’s the kind of game that will cause quite a commotion, especially when you’re playing it with a couple of mates! Good (and thankfully clean) fun! The only problem you will have is getting your kids to stop rolling the toilet roll and flushing the toilet now.

Toilet Trouble is available from toy stores and online retailers now for R350.


Thanks to Hasbro for encouraging us to spend more time gaming together as a family.








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