The Wrapples are new to the wonderful Little Live Pets range. Wrapples promise to be your child’s interactive furry best friend, and with my two kiddies it was definitely love at first sight!

There are three Wrapples to collect: white Una who features a colourful rainbow mane and a small unicorn horn; pink Princessa who has a pretty crown and heart on her cheek; and Skyo who is a beautiful blue colour.

If you grew up in the 80’s you may remember the slap bracelets that were popular at the time, a long bracelet that you could just slap onto your wrist and it curled around as you did so. The Wrapples feature a slap band tail, so you can unwrap them and slap them around your wrist. They will then wrap around your arm with a  strip of Velcro keeping them in place. Of course you can also wrap them around other objects, like a chair arm, a jungle gym or even a ponytail.

So what does a Wrapple do? Your new friend will interact with you by chatting away, giggling, purring and even singing. His big eyes will light up as you interact with him, his eyes match his mood so they can change from pink to green to orange, but be warned that if you shake him too much they will glow red. The Wrapple is furry so he’s soft to stroke and kiss.

My children have spent hours chatting away to their Wrapples, and even better is that because there are two Wrapples they can sing in harmony together. Just place them close together, press the  button behind the one’s ear and they will sing in harmony. You can also use this same button to wake them up if they go to sleep. The Wrapples will fall asleep if you don’t interact with them for a while, but you can also hang them upside down on your arm to get them to sleep. Hold still and you will soon be rewarded with sweet little snores.

The Wrapples are a fun new furry friend that your children will love playing with. They can be quite noisy but there is a handy on/off switch if you need a break from their lively chatter. With over 50 sounds and reactions they will keep your children entertained for many hours, and as with all the Little Live Pets range they are great quality and promise to be loved for a long time.

The only question left to ask is…are you ready to Wrapple?

Wrapples are available from toy stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R399.95.

Thanks to Prima Toys for making sure we are ready to Wrapple!

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