About Me

about_me_lisa_trollipHi, my name is Lisa Trollip. I’m married to my best friend and co-op buddy Wayne, and we have two beautiful children together: a bubbly, fun-loving, and adventurous little girl named Amy who is eight, and a little man named Ethan who has already stolen my heart even though he is only six years old.

I’ve been on an interesting journey to get me to this point in my life. I swopped my career in law to become an editor and then turned to journalism before starting my own videogame website which I was Editor-in Chief of for close on a decade.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and it was to this medium that I turned when my daughter was born. I love being a mom, and I wanted to capture my experiences to one day share with my children. From the moment Amy entered this world I’ve been writing so that I won’t soon forget the memories we’ve been making every day. I hope you enjoy sharing some of them with us, and that the things I’ve learnt along the way will help you on your own path on this wonderful, crazy adventure we call motherhood.