Do you Catan with your friends and family?

#doyoucatan with your friends and family?

We have been playing Catan for over 20 years now, in fact we had the honour of meeting the incredible creator of this award-winning boardgame, the late Klaus Teuber, many years ago.

Catan will see players guiding their settlers to victory by trading resources and building roads, settlements and cities. The interchangeable board setup means no two games are the same!

At this year’s Comic Con Africa, Unplug Yourself will be hosting the 2023 Nationals event where the winner will be jetting off to the 2024 Catan World Championships.

Join us Unplug Yourself at Comic Con Africa (22 – 25 September) and have a go at playing #Catan.

Catan is available from Takealot, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys and Loot.

Thank you to SolarPop for the awesome Catan goodies, my boardgame heart is happy!

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