Pokémon Scarlet (Game Review)

Pokémon Scarlet gives you the opportunity to explore a new open-world adventure, journeying through the vast Paldea region that encompasses lakes, mountain ranges and even peaks.

You’ll be able to choose between Sprigatito, Fuecoco or Quaxly as your first partner Pokémon. But there are plenty of Pokémon to discover and add to your Pokédex, an encyclopedic record of Pokémon, along the way.

We enjoyed being able to study at the academy located in the region, meeting friends and teachers along the way to aid our studies. If customization is your thing you’ll be able to tweak your Trainer’s eyes, mouth, hairstyle and eyebrows, as well as accessories to make them unique!

Ride in style on the Legendary Pokémon Koraidon or Miraidon as you master your Pokémon Trainer skills in the expansive Paldea region. There are three grand stories to explore and eight Gyms which you can tackle in any order. Choose your own path on the way to your goal of Champion Rank!

You’ll also be able to explore with up to three other Trainers in local or online co-op, use the Poké Portal to trade and battle with Trainers from around the world, and test your skills against online rivals at the Battle Stadium.

Pokémon Scarlet is available from the Nintendo eShop for R1129.

Thanks to Nintendo for sending me this game in exchange for an honest review.

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