A toddler becomes my prayer warrior

I wrote this when I was seven months pregnant with Ethan. Looks like I was right about the sharing of the toys! 

Little Amy is just over 2 years old now, 27 months to be exact, and the caring side of her personality shows more and more as her vocabulary increases. Each night we say a prayer with her before bedtime, and we give her the chance to say what she would like to pray for. Her suggestions have grown over the past few months, as her understanding of what we should be grateful for has matured. It’s usually the small, simple things, as one would expect from a small girl, especially since this is what we have focused on when praying with her.

The other night, however, Dad was putting her to bed and I was sitting in the lounge. He asked her what she wanted to pray for, and she replied that she wanted to pray that Mom and the baby are healthy. The concept alone is a complicated one for a small child of her age to understand, but that she actually used those words without any prompting continues to amaze me to this day.

It has now become a regular prayer request, it’s like having a small prayer warrior on my side, and I’m loving it. It makes me feel confident knowing God is hearing her prayer and keeping my unborn baby and I sheltered in His care.

Yesterday we were driving home after I picked her up from school. She asked me if my tummy was sore, I said ‘no, thanks for asking’, to which she replied with another question, ‘is the baby healthy.’ I love that she is thinking about her new sibling and already feels so connected to him. It makes me know that giving her a sibling is one of the greatest gifts she will ever receive, and that she will love and cherish him forever…well until he starts sharing her toys that is.

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