Big Steps: We Can Get Dressed, We’re Going to the Dentist  

The Big Steps series from Campbell Books is a new range of board books designed to help little ones learn about everyday experiences.

We Can Get Dressed features flaps, pull-tabs and a wheel for your toddler to engage and interact with, and is a great introduction to teaching your child about getting dressed. There are also practical tips on each page of the books in this series for parents and carers to use to help children on this journey.

The story stars Millie and Mo, siblings who dad is helping teach how to get dressed.  Children will be able to lift the flap to see Millie stuck in her pyjamas, pull a tab to put her vest on and turn a wheel to see Mo put his dirty clothes in the washing basket. Going through the steps it takes to get dressed children will most likely giggle at the challenges they can face with choosing clothes, putting on pants and lacing shoes, but will ultimately be rewarded with praise for their success.

For most children their first dentist visit is a big deal and most likely a little bit scary too. We’re Going to the Dentist is a storybook that will help to reassure your toddler about their check-up with the dentist. From seeing how the dentist’s chair will move up and down with a pull-tab to turning a wheel and learning how to rinse and spit, and even how to open wide with a lift-the-flap, your child will be able to be more prepared for what will happen on their first dentist visit after seeing how Nancy and Ted do on their visit.

There are also a number of other titles in this Big Steps series to collect, including No More Nappies, I’m Not Sleepy and Can You Say Please? It’s a great way to introduce your child to a specific skill and well worth checking out if you’d like to help your toddler learn more in a fun way.

Big Steps: We Can Get Dressed and Big Steps: We’re Going to the Dentist are available from book stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R120 each. The books are recommended for children aged from one to three years.

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