Dinosaur Munch! and Dinosaur Stomp!

Dinosaurs are all the rage right now in our house. I bought a small dinosaur playset for my son and decided to try and teach the kiddies a few of their names. This ultimately led to many discussions about the dinosaurs and why they are extinct, which is actually a tough conversation to have with a three year old!

So we were excited to read Dinosaur Munch! and Dinosaur Stomp!, two new titles in a series that is based on the classic book Dinosaur Roar! and were produced in association with the Natural History Museum of London. The books are a great way to introduce your young children to dinosaurs, and both the story and the portrayal of the dinosaurs in the titles are age-appropriate. Just be warned, once they’ve read one, your kids may want to collect all four titles in this range!







Dinosaur Munch! is a brightly coloured book that focuses on The Diplodocus, and features a fun story about this friendly, slightly comical looking dinosaur who “had a tummy that never felt full after lunch.” Dinosaur Stomp! highlights the Triceratops, who while a little bit grumpy and intimidating at first, soon sees that even he needs a friend. The rhyming verses together with the vibrant illustrations make these a popular pick for story time with both of my children.

These board books are sturdy for little hands, and the covers will no doubt prove popular with the kiddies thanks to the raised textures. The inside page of the cover includes a pronunciation guide, handy for learning how to correctly pronounce the different dinosaurs you’ll meet in the book. You’ll also be able to learn all about the Diplodocus and Triceratops from the fact spreads included at the end of the two books. We have all learnt a lot from these books, and I’m happy to report that Amy can now identify some of the dinosaurs by name.

Dinosaur Munch! and Dinosaur Stomp! are available for a recommended retail price of R125 each from bookstores and online retailers.

Last word from Amy: “I love dinosaurs, because they stomp their feet and they are very good at stomping.”

Thanks to Pan MacMillan for bringing the dinosaurs back to life in our home. 


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