Greenwich Park (Book Review)

Greenwich Park is an engaging new thriller from Katherine Faulkner, a compelling story about family, friendship and how far we’re willing to go to protect our secrets.

Greenwich Park

Helen seems to have it all, she lives in a beautiful Victorian house in Greenwich Park, is married to a successful architect and has a baby on the way. But her picture-perfect life gets turned upside down when she meets Rachel at her antenatal class. Helen is lonely and finds herself drawn to this irreverent woman who shows so much interest in her life. It doesn’t take long for her to become concerned though, the one-to-many coincidental meetings raise a red flag and pretty soon she’s sure that Rachel is hiding something.

As Rachel digs herself deeper into Helen’s life her friends and family become unsettled too. Who exactly is this woman and what does she want?

I felt like I was on a runaway train while reading this book, I knew that something bad was going on but I had no power to stop it, and truth be told nor did I want to. The characters careened towards what I felt had to be a disastrous event and I had a front row seat to seeing the deceit unfold, the lies unravel, and the suspicions build.

The story was exceptionally well crafted, and I found myself powerless against disliking certain characters who I suspected may actually be redeemed while liking other characters that although on the surface were ordinary I thought may end up being dishonest. This twisted investment was delightful and discovering the different layers of the characters slowly while still managing to surprise me at a few turns made Greenwich Park a fantastic read.

Greenwich Park is available for a recommended retail price of R325.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with me.

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