Storm Dragon (Book Review)

Storm Dragon is a heartwarming book that embraces the adventure and imagination of childhood while celebrating the friendship and love between a child and grandfather.

Storm Dragon

Grandpa and his grandchild are setting out to explore, despite the stormy weather the pair are off to hunt storm dragons.  They follow the dragon’s footprints, discover a baby dragon, and hear the dragon mummy roaring as she gets closer. A boat becomes a pirate ship, but as the dragon comes towards them they run, tracing their steps home to hide, only to discover the storm dragon is actually their wet doggy friend.

The story is brought to life through the delightful repetition of phrases and loud onomatopoeic chants, with the unique watercolour illustrations bringing even more colour to an already inspired adventure. The book for me has echoes of We’re going on a bear hunt, something which my seven year old daughter picked up on too. Like that classic, your child will soon join in with the catchy refrains and you may find that story time will get a little loud!

I love how the story centers around a grandpa and his grandchild setting off on an adventure together. The special relationship that exists between these two shines, and the wonderful way in which he fuels her imagination is a highlight of the book. It celebrates the importance of a grandparent in a little one’s life and serves as a reminder for us to both embrace and encourage the vibrant curiosity and playfulness of a child.


This book is also available in Afrikaans as Suidooster-Draak, and I think I may even prefer reading the lovely onomatopoeic chants in Afrikaans. It’s another welcome addition to our Afrikaans picture book collection, a must-have for your bookshelf if you’re an Afrikaans family and a fantastic way for you to broaden your understanding and learn new words if you are not first language Afrikaans.

Storm Dragon, written by Dianne Hofmeyr and illustrated by Carol Thompson, is available for a recommended retail price of R135.

Thanks to LAPA for sharing this book with us.

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