This is a Dog

We’ve all read the classic My First Animal Books to our young children, but what if a cheeky dog has taken over such a book and tried to make it his own? That’s exactly what happens in This is a Dog, a fun new book from Ross Collins that will have your little ones laughing in no time at all!

You’ll first meet a dog, but turn the page to meet a cat and you’ll notice a little familiar canine face peeking around the top corner. The dog ventures more onto the page as you meet a monkey and a rabbit, he then chases a squirrel up the page and even crosses out the crocodile text and reintroduces himself as a dog.

Things progress in this attempted takeover as the dog relieves himself on a giraffe, tries to impersonate an elephant and even pretends to be a bear. Finally chased by the group of animals he leads them astray with a clever sign, before changing the ending off the book by introducing himself yet again!

In addition to being a fun, quirky way to teach your children about their first animals, This is a Dog will delight young readers with the dog’s antics as he won’t let the other animals have their turn. I especially loved hearing my son retell the story to me, the highlight for him was seeing how the dog had drawn in the book with what looked like real crayon. The brightly coloured backgrounds and fun illustrations will make this book a popular choice for bedtime.

This is a Dog is available in hardback from book stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R275. It’s recommended for children aged two to five years.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for bringing fun to our storytime with this book.  

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