Pokémon Snap (Game Review)

Pokémon Snap is a new photographic Pokémon adventure for the Nintendo Switch. We have had such fun exploring the game together, discovering new Pokémon and perfecting our picture techniques to add the best photos to our Pokémon Photodex.

Pokémon Snap

My children had never played a Pokémon game before, but were still avid supporters of Pikachu, so you can imagine their excitement to jump into this world of Pokémon. It’s very easy to pick-up-and-play, giving even young gamers the opportunity to capture photographs of wild Pokémon in the different environments.

The game is gorgeously lush, with beautiful bright colours really bringing the world to life in stunning vegetation, flowers and trees. There is a lot of variety though as you move from jungles to deserts and and even under the sea. You’ll set out in your Neo-One pod, because you don’t need to steer you can focus on photographing as many Pokémon as you can during each outing. You can rotate the camera up and down, left and right, and even zoom in to search for Pokémon. It’s so rewarding to spot the Pokémon and you’ll want to replay the different courses to make sure you don’t miss any.

Playing the course at night-time is a totally different experience. You’ll discover new Pokémon beneath the luminescent flowers, with glowing leaves and radiant fruit making this a very pretty adventure. You will also learn skills to lure the Pokémon out, such as giving treats to draw the shy ones out, playing a musical jingle to encourage them to dance in time for you to snap a photo, or using Illumina orbs to produce dazzling results.

The trick is not only capturing the Pokémon on camera, but to learn how to frame the photo correctly. You’ll earn points for each photo when they are evaluated at the end of the course. For example, you’ll earn a higher score for placement, how many Pokémon are in your photo and how they posed. The photos will then be added to your Pokémon Photodex, and you can choose to apply filters, stamps effects and frames and even share your photos online.

As you play you’ll also get research points and level up, unlocking different areas to explore and giving you the chance to photograph more of the 200 wild Pokémon included in the game.

Pokémon Snap is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy together, an entertaining photo expedition that will see you filling your Pokémon Photodex and leave you wanting to say, “my Pokémons, let me show you them!”

Pokémon Snap is available from the Nintendo eShop for a recommended retail price of R1129.

Thanks to Nintendo South Africa for sharing this fun game with us.

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