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Roarsome new dinosaur books for kids!

As moms we know that the one constant we can expect on this mothering journey is change. What your child likes one day they may not like tomorrow (bananas is a case in point), but the one exception to this rule seems to be dinosaurs! If there’s one thing that has lasted it’s my children’s fascination with these prehistoric creatures.

I read a funny joke once, it listed the times you know the most about dinosaurs: when you are four years old, when you get a degree in paleontology and when you’re the parent of a four year old. It made me laugh because it’s so true, my children have taught me so much about dinosaurs and I’m still surprised today with just how much they know and how their thirst for more knowledge continues.

Penguin Random House has a stunning range of dinosaur themed books and puzzles, and there’s something for every age and stage. Do you spot something you think your dinosaur fan would love?

Roarsome new dinosaur books for kids

Are You There Little Dinosaur? (R140)

A beautiful board book to get your little ones started on their own dinosaur adventure! An interactive book that young babies and toddlers will love exploring with brightly coloured illustrations, textures to touch, little paths to follow and peep through holes to discover. Little dinosaur is hiding, and with every page you read you’ll see another part of her – her feet, her back and even her tail. But as you turn the page you’ll discover that it’s not her at all, it’s a crocodile, a family of triceratops and lizards. Finally you’ll find little dinosaur as she meets up with all her friends.

Ten minutes to bed little dinosaur (R170)

This delightful story tells the tale of Rumble the little dinosaur as his mom prepares him for bed by informing him that there are “Ten minutes to bed.” But as is often the case with little ones, Rumble has other ideas and would rather have fun than get ready for bed. The rhyming story and beautiful colour illustrations make this a wonderful choice for bedtime. It’s a lovely way to help send your children off to dreamland, an exciting adventure but also a gentle reminder that you’re always there for them too.

Usborne Book and Jigsaw Dinosaurs (R255)

Add a little something extra to their dinosaur collection with this beautiful 100 piece jigsaw featuring lots of dinosaurs. I love the bright colours and the big puzzle pieces. It also includes a 24 page picture puzzle book that will keep little ones busy as there is lots to spot, match and count. Can you spot a dinosaur with the picnic basket and who is wearing a bow tie? Find a dragonfly, identity who borrowed the book and which T-Rex is carrying a birthday cake in this fun puzzle book.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! (R355)

Growing up I used to spend hours in our local library reading and researching for school projects. Google is great but for me nothing beats a beautiful book, so I was delighted to add this Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! to our shelf. This comprehensive guide brings the prehistoric creatures to life, covering the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. Your budding paleontologist will discover how the dinosaurs evolved, lived and died, with spectacular pictures and the latest updated information in this hardback book. There is even a reference section at the end which uses fossils, research and computer modelling techniques to explain our knowledge of dinosaur evolution, behaviour and habitat.

Which is your favourite?

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sponsoring this roarsome guide!

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