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Johnson’s Baby is the range which I trusted from day one with my babies. Their first bath was with Johnson’s Baby Top-to-toe wash and we continued to use this in the months and years that followed as our children grew.

If you also love Johnson’s Baby you will be excited to know that a new range of their products will be in stores in May. I attended the Johnson’s Baby relaunch in Johannesburg recently, where I learnt more about their new products and even got to take a few home to test out. This is the biggest relaunch that the brand has had in its 125 year history, with all new packaging and, even more importantly, all new formulas. All dyes, parabens, and sulphates have been removed, and products are formulated from 90% naturally derived ingredients with 50% fewer ingredients for simpler and gentler products. The new range has been reorganised and expanded for every age and stage, each highlighted on the bottles with new icons making it easy for you as a parent to know which products are best suited to protect your child’s delicate skin.

The new CottonTouch for newborns is phenomenal, with a beautiful soft smell it’s Johnson’s gentlest range ever and because it’s pH balanced it actually works to soften the water and helps to protect even a newborn’s skin which is up to 30% thinner than an adults. The CottonTouch 2-in-1 bath & wash smells delicate, it’s water-based and blended with real cotton, is light and gentle and doesn’t leave residue so it isn’t slippery. The CottonTouch face & body lotion is also water-based, feels light, non-sticky and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and smelling wonderful. This would definitely be my choice to use again on my babies if I could steal those precious moments with my tiny babies back again. Both feature handy pumps too which is a winner in my books!

The Active Baby range was developed to help your baby to sleep better, and the Johnson’s bedtime bath with NaturalCalm essences promises to soothe your baby before bedtime. The Johnson’s original products that you know and love are all still available in the originals range which is suitable for all stages. You’ll also love this new packaging and the more gentle formulas. The iconic Johnson’s baby shampoo is still recognisable in its yellow bottle, but the shampoo inside is actually clear now. It still lathers beautifully and leaves your child’s hair soft and clean. Another few favourites that you will recognise are the Top-to-toe wash, the baby lotion as well as the gentle all over wipes.

I love that the older kiddies have their own toddler+ range now too. My daughter loves the shiny drops kids shampoo with the beautiful princess on the pink bottle. I was blown away by how soft and full of volume it left her hair, as well as smelling amazing thanks to being enriched by argan oil. The kids conditioner spray and kids conditioner in this shiny drops range looks fantastic too and I can’t wait to try them soon. I also can’t wait to try the the honey, green tea and rooibos extracts products which feature a fun green dragon.We learnt that children’s skin, hair and scalp still develops up until the age of 12, making the gentle protect range a great choice for growing kids because it’s still gentle enough, even for toddlers. There is also a soft & shiny range of shampoo, conditioner and conditioner spray for tight curls and dry hair, all made fun with a flying superhero girl on the bottles.

All of the body wash and shampoo products boast the Johnson’s renowned ‘No Tears’ accreditation, so reassuring for me as a mom with small kiddies to ensure bath time is always fun time…even on hair wash night! All Johnson’s products are dermatologically tested and formulated to minimise the risk of allergies too.

The new Johnson’s Baby range, with all new packaging and all new formulas, will be in stores in May. Look out for it on shelves and let me know what you think when you try it. I know you’re going to love the new generation of gentle as much as I do!

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  • Reply lameez April 29, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    Wow, looov J&J products cant wait to see the new range!! Great post 🙂

  • Reply candice May 1, 2019 at 8:23 am

    These look really great!

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