Dog Diaries: Dinosaur Disaster! (Book Review)

Junior is back, and this time he’s setting off on a new adventure in Dinosaur Disaster! This is the sixth book in the Dog Diaries series and because my children love dinosaurs we couldn’t wait to dive into Junior’s funny escapade together with his favourite furry friends.

Dog Diaries: Dinosaur Disaster!

The Dog Diaries series by Steven Butler and James Patterson is told from the view of Junior the dog. It’s filled with lots of bark-tastic puns and fantastically funny illustrations by Richard Watson that will have your little readers laughing out loud.

Dog Diaries: Dinosaur Disaster!

Junior has discovered that the most delectable bunch of dinosaur bones are being held at the local Hills Village Museum. He doesn’t understand why his person-pals would just want to look at the exhibition of dinosaur skeletons and not eat the bones, so he hatches a plan to infiltrate the Mmm! You see ‘em? (the museum) with his furry friends and steal some of the tasty treats. But Operation Feast-A-Saurus Rex doesn’t quite go according to plan, and Junior is forced to think of another plan which leads to a new adventure with a surprising new ally.

The book also includes a handy guide on how to speak Doglish, perfect for helping you understand any words you may have missed. There are also a few fun activities including spot the difference, a word search and a maze.

Dog Diaries: Dinosaur Disaster! is great for young readers, but you can also enjoy reading a few chapters together every day with younger children.

Dog Diaries: Dinosaur Disaster!

Dog Diaries: Dinosaur Disaster! is available for a recommended retail price of R105. It’s recommended for children aged six to nine years.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sharing this book with us.

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