The snuggle switch

From the moment my children were born I’ve enjoyed every moment snuggling with them. I remember the days of when they used to fit on my chest, sleeping for hours safely tucked against my heart. I miss those days but the memories are locked safely inside my memory box. My sadness grew a little as they did, for no longer could they fit to snuggle as they had before. Arms get longer, legs stretch and before you know it the snuggle switch has happened.

Thinking back I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, I noticed the changes for they were not subtle, but perhaps my heart was doing its best to ignore them. I realized just how much I missed those snuggle days and welcomed my smaller child onto my lap to snuggle as often as I could…wishing time would slow down before the inevitable happened where once again my lap would shrink and the child would grow.

But then one day something happened, my daughter was sitting next to me on the couch. I was tired and leaned into her, only to discover that it was now possible for her to snuggle me! No longer so little, suddenly it was wonderful to lean into her softness and receive such comfort in return. The snuggle switch had taken place without me ever even knowing. So while I still treasure the snuggles I get from my 5 year old, and will do everything I can to make sure they last as long as possible, I’ve also learned to lean into the snuggles with my 7 year old.

So while you can’t slow time down you can remember to take the time to slow down and enjoy the snuggles, but also look forward to a day when the snuggles change.

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