Some people are worth melting for

I remember the days when Amy used to fall asleep in the car as a baby, and I recall vividly how good it felt to carry her sleeping person into the house and lay her gently in her bed. So trusting and with not a care in the world, resting safe in the knowledge that mom would take care of her.

Those days have been a thing of the past for a while now, no longer does she drift off after a busy morning out. If anything if we go for breakfast out with friends or visit the beach for a walk it seems to invigorate her so that she will be talking a mile a minute about every detail of the trip right up until we pull into the driveway at home, and then as we come through the door still even!

The other day, however, we had been out and she was very tired from all the excitement and exertion and she did nod off in the car. Seeing her sleeping peacefully in her car seat brought back many memories of when she was smaller. The car was so quiet without her continuous babbling, sometimes repetitive questions and spontaneous bursts of songs, it seemed a little lonelier somehow, even though I knew I should enjoy the small gap of peace.

After we got home I picked her up from her car seat, her arms and legs dangled on either side of me, her weight solidly indicating that of a sleeping child. She sighed contentedly and snuggled her head into my shoulder, and as she did so it seemed that she just melted into me. I couldn’t help but smile, with the memories of all those days carrying her inside like this when she was younger still fresh in my mind.

Luckily the transition from mom’s arms to her bed went well and she didn’t wake from her slumber. Olaf was right I thought, some people are definitely worth melting for.

Some people are worth melting for



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