A shrinking lap

A short while ago my little girl had a bad dream and because she woke quite upset I sat by her for a while. She just wanted to be held. It felt good to be her safeplace, to be needed to calm her fears.

Yet as she crawled into my lap my heart caught in my throat as I realised she couldn’t actually fit in it anymore. She’s been growing like a bean, always snacking from the panty and fridge lately, and as a result she seems to be all legs and arms at the moment. I tried my best to scoop her onto my lap, but she was like a gangly teenager Labrador puppy.

We managed to squeeze as much of her as we could into my lap. As she snuggled into my neck I breathed in the clean fresh smell of her skin after her bath and tried to lock this memory away into my memory banks forever. Slow down my princess. There’s plenty of time to be big, you’re only small for such a short space of time!

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