You may have experienced a flashback before, sometimes a smell or a song can transport you back in time and the memory can be so vivid in your mind. The other day I had a flashforward.

I was sitting on the couch when a song came on and my little boy of just one ran to me, grabbed me by my hand and pulled me to come and dance with him. As he did and I stood up, allowing myself to be led into the middle of the lounge, I suddenly had a flashforward.

I saw my little man all grown up, I saw him take my hand and lead me onto the dance floor with the same love and enthusiasm that he was doing so now. But it was his wedding day and I was a proud mom who still loved her son with all her heart.

It was just one second, and then the feeling was gone and I was back in the present with my little boy holding onto my hand so tight while we danced together on the carpet at home. I don’t remember this happening to me ever before, but I felt at peace knowing our bond was still so strong and his love for me unchanging, even years from now in the future.

From the day Ethan has been born he has been a blessing in my life. Right from the start he was most comfortable sleeping on my chest, I think it was his favourite thing to do in the world. As he grew he started to hold my hand when he drifted off to sleep, and it’s something he still likes to do now. He also still likes to stroke my hair to soothe himself, and he continues to give me the tightest hugs I have ever had. Such love this little boy has for me that I am still in awe of it every day.

But the days pass quickly, too quickly for my liking. And so I hold his hand as tightly as I can, I dance with him in my arms while he still fits, and I squeeze back just as tightly when we hug. Remember to take the time to dance with your children, to hug them close, and to slow down to enjoy these special times before they become but a memory, a flashback for another day.

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  • Reply ramona October 13, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Twice for me…just a glimpse of what could have been of my then fiance turning and smiling at me at the alter…just a second and was gone…and not long after that so was he…second time I saw 2 children one boy one girl laughing up at me…still waiting to see if that ever happens

    • Reply Lisa Trollip October 13, 2017 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks for sharing Ramona, I hope your heart’s desires will come true. If that means having children then may you be blessed with those two children you saw.

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