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This year has been a whirlwind, being a mom to a three year old and a one year old has kept me very busy! Although it has been challenging at times, I’ve loved watching my two children blossom and grow over the past months.

Amy is a kind and caring girl, she has a passion for creating art and reading, a fun side that enjoys music and dancing, and is fiercely protective over her baby brother. She continues to amaze me every day and I am so very proud of all she has achieved this year. Our evening snuggles and catch up chats are a highlight of my day now. Ethan is just incredibly cute with his dimpled smile, this 18 month old stage is definitely a highlight again for me as a mom. He has also done incredible things this year, achieving the big milestone of turning one, learning to walk and saying new words daily now.

When the two of them play nicely together my mom’s heart melts, the tiredness and frustrations seem a little less somehow (as I write this they are racing prams up the passage together). But they do have their moments, bringing back my own memories of facing off against my brothers when I was younger (running away wildly and locking myself in the bathroom when I had teased them just a little too much!).

This blog has also kept me very busy, when this year started I couldn’t have imagined how much Forts and Fairies would grow in 2017. It’s been amazing to see how readers have responded to my stories, I’ve loved being able to share my experiences of being a mom with you all. Being able to review books, toys, movies, and games from the amazing brands we have in South Africa, who have shown such wonderful support to me, and share my reviews with you has been an honour. I have loved being a mom blogger, despite my dining room table often being crowded with boxes and my children sometimes rolling their eyes when I want to take photos for the blog!

SA Blog Awards

If you have enjoyed reading my stories and reviews, and entering the awesome competitions I have run this past year, please do vote for me in the South African Blog Awards for 2017. I have entered in the Best Parenting Blog category, and if you would like to vote for Forts and Fairies then please click on the bright red “2017 SA Blog Awards Vote” button on the top right of my blog.

Once you have clicked on the vote button you will need to enter your email address to submit your vote. You will then be sent a confirmation email which you will need to click on and confirm your vote. If you submit another vote in the same category it will replace your original vote.

Looking to the future

I hope that you have enjoyed following my journey over the past year and I can’t wait to share new stories, reviews, and competitions with you in the new year. I have some incredible features coming up over the new few weeks, so please watch this space!

To end I would just like to say thank you to each one of you for your support of Forts and Fairies, without you I would not be where I am today. I have been excited for each one of your comments and I look forward to creating and sharing more awesome content in 2018. Have a wonderful, happy and blessed festive season!



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