Cuts and bruises

A little while ago we left Amy with my mom while we popped to the shops to do some chores. As anyone with a busy toddler knows, it’s easier to achieve more without one in tow, especially when said toddler has discovered the deliciousness of milkshakes and the fun of arcade animal rides, which generally slow down the chores.

A short while into our ‘alone’ time (remember we also have a newborn now) and my mom messages me to ask if Amy had a scratch on her nose and head when she arrived. That’s strange I thought, but didn’t think much of it since she’s always running around knocking into various pieces of furniture as she roughs and tumbles with the dogs or climbs under the table playing forts. Upon collecting her, however, my breath caught in my throat when I saw that the scratch was worse than I had expected .

Cuts and bruises rescue pack

Since Amy hadn’t complained about being sore or having fallen my mom assumed she had it when she got there. Now I know that a busy little person could fall anywhere, at school on the playground, at home with me, or at her granny’s house too, but this didn’t stop me from being upset at my child being hurt and now having her first roastie on that perfect little button nose! I wasn’t angry with my mom, but still being protective is in a mom’s DNA, and I was naturally curious as to how this happened. I was also amazed at just how strong this little girl is, to take a knock like that and not even cry or say anything at all? Wow.

There will be plenty more knocks and bruises and grazes, life is quite effective in doling those out. It’s my job as a mom to make sure she gets back up again after them and carries on…although so far it looks like she’s doing a good job on her own already!

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