Magical healing

Amy is pretty theatrical when it comes to getting injured, so much so in fact that I’m adding actress to her list of potential careers. Even if it’s a small bump or bruise it will require immediate medical attention, and discussion of a possible emergency airlift evacuation to the nearest hospital.  Like most kiddies lots of kisses and hugs usually ends up doing the trick to make the sore feel better.

It was only last year when we were away on holiday that she fell quite badly and grazed her knees and elbows. She had been running on tar when she fell, and so had technically acquired her first true ‘roastie,’ bleeding and all. Mom did well to keep her cool, and keep the panic to a minimum.

After gently cleaning the wounds, I applied a number of plasters that I had luckily remembered to pack into our going away medical kit. And that was when I truly began to understand the magical healing powers that plasters have! As soon as the plasters were on, the tears dried, and the pride at her new battle scars emerged.

Fast forward to this past weekend, when I always keep multiple boxes of plasters on hand to help with any cuts or grazes that may happen. Another fall, another plaster required. The next day the plaster had fallen off and she happily came to show me how the plaster had healed her sore so quickly. She was so excited that I didn’t have the heart to tell her the sore had actually been on her other foot!

I decided to switch up her usual Princess plasters for Star Wars ones, instead of Snow White and Rapunzel she was now choosing between Stormtroopers and C3P0. She thought it was excellent (as did her dad), and she slipped quickly into her slumber knowing Yoda was in charge of healing that night.  The next day Amy was dressed in a Barbie top, but she proudly wore two Star Wars plasters on her legs, one R2D2 and one C3P0. Who says you can’t be a princess and a warrior at the same time.

Meanwhile later that evening I settled in to enjoy a new classic…all this talk about Star Wars had made me feel like watching The Force Awakens again. Popcorn anyone?






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