Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie (Book Review)

When my children were younger my husband and I used to talk to each other in Afrikaans when we didn’t want them to understand us. Fast forward a few years and the sneaky kids began to understand some of what we were saying in Afrikaans and we had to figure out some new code words to talk about presents, treats and TV time. Then the lockdown happened and I suddenly found myself being Amy’s Afrikaans teacher and it ended up being one of my favourite subjects to teach her.

Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie

So when I saw Pan Macmillan sharing about Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie, a new Afrikaans picture book written by Jaco Jacobs and illustrated by Yoyo Prins, I knew we would enjoy reading this together. It’s a fantastic local title that children who are first language Afrikaans will love, but also a great choice for children who have English, Zulu or another language as their first language who’d like to begin reading Afrikaans books.

The story begins with Mamma sending Mila and Pappa to the shop to buy milk. They certainly don’t expect a pretty ordinary task to become the beginning of an awesome adventure, where they will ride on a unicorn, fly in a spaceship and even meet one or two dragons!

It’s a wonderful story that will captivate young readers with beautiful illustrations to bring the imaginative tale to life. Living in South Africa we are able to experience so many languages and cultures, and Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie is the opportunity to add an Afrikaans books to your bookshelf. With unicorns, spaceships, dragons and even superheroes your child will love listening to this story, it’s a must if you have a young Afrikaans speaking child and definitely worth exploring if you’d like to broaden your child’s horizons if they are not Afrikaans first language. It even has a fun snakes and ladders game in the book to enjoy!

Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie

Moenie die Melk Vergeet Nie is available for a recommended retail price of R144.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sharing this fun book with us.

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