A Perfect Day

Lane Smith’s witty It’s a Book delighted my children and I (you can read my review here), a charming book with an important message of how important reading is in our technological world. His new book A Perfect Day is another wonderful title to read to your children, a lovely story with beautiful illustrations, but also with an important message there for them to discover.

It’s a sunny day and a few different animals are enjoying the garden. Cat likes the daffodils, Dog is enjoying the water, Bird is snacking on birdseed and Squirrel is gnawing on a corncob. Each animal is having a perfect day.

Well they were having a perfect day. Until Bear shows up to enjoy the flowers, water and food. He unwittingly chases the other animals in Bert’s backyard away, and he also crushes the daffodils, drinks all the water, and finishes the birdseed and corncob. He’s now having a perfect day, but his perfect day means theirs is ruined.

This humourous story includes a powerful message to children that they should be aware that their own actions could cause others hardship, a great lesson about perspective that’s introduced in a fun way that even a young reader will pick up on and understand.

A Perfect Day features beautiful artwork from the author himself, and my children loved hearing that it was inspired by Lane’s encounter with a bear in real life. I also love the stunning gold embossed cover of this book.

A Perfect Day is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R150.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for helping us to learn that we need to respect other people’s perfect days too. 

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