An egg-citing trip to Finchley Farms Barn Eggs!  

Last week we visited Finchley Farms in the Midlands where we had an exclusive tour to see what makes a Finchley Farms Barn Egg special. My two kiddies were lucky enough to join me on the visit and after an informative and fun adventure for all of us it’s safe to say that much was learnt and many happy memories were made.

I’ve bought the Finchley Farms Barn Eggs on many occasions before, but even though I was making a conscious effort to buy responsibly I didn’t realise before just how much there is to know about eggs!

Finchley Farms is a proudly South African, family owned business. The farm purchases quality day old chicks and rear them cage free on the floor in their own barns. Through this the chicks can acclimatize to their area and get a healthy rearing. The chicks are fed a custom diet with no animal products, no hormones and no routine antibiotics. Their good health and growth is ensured with a strict health and bio-security routine that regularly tests their health and environment.

When we popped in we were greeted by the soft smell of hay and the sweet chirping of baby chicks. Needless to say this was the highlight of the tour as the kids loved stroking and holding the chicks! At 17 weeks the hens are moved to their laying house where they can roam and are cage free. We saw an abundance of food and water being available, as well as hygienic nest boxes with fresh shavings where they can lay their eggs.

Another highlight was seeing how the eggs are sorted according to weight in the factory and then packed in boxes before being labelled and sealed. The kids were even lucky enough to label and seal their own boxes of eggs, something which I’m sure they will be talking about for weeks! They were so proud of themselves and we got to bring those eggs home which was special.

So now you know that the quality on farm reared hens which are fed a custom diet, enjoy fresh river water and fresh air in spacious open barns makes the Finchley Farms Barn Eggs a great quality choice. So much so that their eggs are the choice of chefs at well-known restaurants including The Oyster Box, Mugg & Bean, Fego and Spur, and they are stocked at various retailers across KwaZulu Natal.

Next time you’re buying eggs be sure to keep a look out for Finchley Farms Barn Eggs, we enjoyed some tasty eggy delights this weekend with the eggs we received from the farm and are happy to report the whole family approved. Delicious boiled eggs with toast for the kiddies and biltong omelettes for mom and dad to celebrate the Boks making it into the Rugby World Cup Final!

Thanks to Finchley Farms for hosting us – for the informative tour and for welcoming us into your home for a delicious lunch and even a dip in the pool. 

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  • Reply Becks October 30, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    Hi. Can you tell me what the chickens are fed? I’m desperately trying to find eggs from chickens that are not fed grain and am finding it very challenging

    • Reply Lisa Trollip November 4, 2019 at 4:10 pm

      Hi Becky, thanks for your question. I have chatted to Finchley Farms and they have advised me that all chicken feed contains maize and that there are no grain free diets in SA. I hope this helps!

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