Baby Secrets Merbabies

Nostalgic toys are a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. On the one hand I’m so excited to see toys that I once loved as a child coming back onto shelves, but on the other hand it does mean I’m getting older!

One of the toys I had as a young girl that I adored was the Diaper Babies, I can remember so vividly rushing home to see if I had received a girl or a boy baby. I collected a few babies and even one of the pets when I was younger, and these are one of only a few toys I kept stored from my childhood.

When I heard of the new Baby Secrets I couldn’t believe that these awesome babies were coming back, and that I could now share them with my own children! It was just as exciting waiting to see which baby we had received as when I was a kid, with the two of them eagerly watching to see if the nappy changed to blue or pink.

Since then the Baby Secrets, along with my Diaper Babies, have joined us at many bath times, and we were all thrilled when the new Baby Secret Pets became available too. So you can imagine the excitement now that magical Merbabies from Baby Secrets have joined the gang too.  More friends at bath time, and more Baby Secrets fun!

There is one Merbaby in each clam shell, as well as a magic pearl with fun accessories. You’ll have to wait to pop its tail in water to see if it changes to pink or blue, then you can name your Merbaby and fill in the birth certificate which is included in the pack. There are 24 to collect, including a special limited edition sparkle Merbaby.

The Merbaby is really sweet, his top half is that of a baby and his bottom half that of a mermaid. He bends at the waist so you can make him sit, and his arms are articulated so they can move up and down too. His tail has raised scales and the bottom section can spin,  if you wind it up enough it will cause him to spin and swim a bit in the water.

The magic pearl has three charms (we got a shell, dolphin and starfish) and a Merbaby necklace too, all of which seem to captivate Amy’s imagination. The pearl and Merbaby all store neatly inside the shell, making it easy to pack to take along to show your friends which Merbaby you got. It’s also a great size to pop into a Christmas stocking!

I loved the Diaper Babies growing up, and now I’m happy to start a new collection of Baby Secrets with my children. Who knows…maybe they will share their collection with their own children one day too.

The Baby Secrets Merbabies are available from toy stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R99.99. Don’t forget that you can also get playsets and themed packs for the Baby Secrets too.

Thanks to Prima Toys for sharing the magic of the Baby Secrets Merbabies with us!

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