Disney Princess Amazing Activity Case

The Disney Princess Amazing Activity Case includes four sticker activity books, each colourfully decorated with a Disney princess: Rapunzel, Arial, Belle, and Aurora. The books are packed inside a fun sturdy cardboard carry case complete with a rope handle, making it easy to take along with you.

It’s a good option for keeping kids entertained on long car trips (I give my daughter a tray table to press on), and it would be nice to pack for holidays away to make sure your children have something to do during quieter times. Of course, it would also bring a smile to any little girl’s face who loves the Disney princesses if you want to surprise someone special just because!

Each book features 16 brightly coloured pages with a whole bunch of different activities inside, all princess themed. These range from spot the difference with the Seven Dwarves to adding stickers to complete a picture of Snow White, from mazes to find treasure to join the dots, and even Shell sudoku with Aerial. You’ll be able to help your kiddies search and find different items in a picture or copy a picture of Cinderella using a grid.

The four books each have very different activities. One may have you colouring in Cinderella, drawing a mermaid or adding flower stickers to Rapunzel’s hair, while in another you might be challenged to play true or false, design a pair of princess shoes or the cover of Belle’s favourite book. Once you’ve completed the activity your little ones can reward themselves with a sticker. The last page of each book has the answers.

The set includes over 700 stickers, all themed around the Disney princesses. Some of the stickers are of the princesses themselves, while others are of the different characters from the classics, and also of various objects from the stories. The five sheets of stickers are good quality and easy to peel off the backing sheet. Of course, the big highlight of the sticker collection is the pretty 3D glitter-filled bubble sticker of Cinderella!

While Amy loved colouring in and using the stickers in the books, I did have to help her with quite a few of the activities. The recommended age range for the activity case is given as between 3 and 6 so bear this in mind if you’re keen to check it out.

The Disney Princess Amazing Activity Case is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R215.



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