Foster a love for reading with the Disney Book Club

Since my little girl Amy was born I’ve enjoyed spending time reading to her. When she was small this was mainly just looking at picture books, and directing her hand to touch the textures in some books. This then progressed to story books, and soon ‘happily ever after’ became one of her favourite endings!

The Disney Book Club is a great way to build up a library of awesome books for your kids, including classic stories as well as stories from new movie releases. For a set cost each month you will receive two books monthly, along with a Welcome Pack for new subscribers that includes two free gifts. At the moment this offer includes two books and a fun backpack featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, both guaranteed to be hits with the little ones.

Disney Book Club

The Club costs R174.98 per month (R69.99 per book and R35 delivery), and for this fee you will get two Disney books delivered straight to your door each month. You will also get the free gift of the two books and backpack. The best part is that you can preview the first two trial books for two weeks and return them if you’re not entirely happy, no strings attached. If you do opt to return them you can still keep the free gifts so it’s a win win! You can choose to cancel your membership to the club after four months.

The books are great quality, they are well bound, feature a sturdy hardcover, and are a great size for little hands to hold. The text inside each title is a good size to read, with some words being highlighted in different colours and fonts which makes it fun for younger readers. There are of course also beautiful colourful pictures to go along with each story which help to tell the tale. The stories are a good length too which means for Amy’s age (2) we can enjoy reading the story over a few days, while kids that are older could read more at one sitting.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the Welcome Pack:

There is a huge selection of titles to collect, and all of them are available in both English and Afrikaans. Your kids will be spoilt for choice as the list includes a ton of classics, such as Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp and Peter Pan, as well as new releases like Frozen, The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory. As a new member you will receive a mix of the classics and new releases during the beginning of your membership, and then you will start to receive the sequel titles.

My little girl enjoys packing her toys into a backpack, whether it’s for a visit to granny or even just a trip to the shops, she loves taking her favourite book and teddy along on a new adventure. No surprise then that the new backpack was a big hit with her! In fact the first thing she did was pack the new books away in it, the perfect size for doing just that.

I remember having a collection of Disney books when I was growing up, and I have vivid memories of 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book being my favourite for bedtime reading. I’ve already got a few of the classic Disney stories for Amy, and we’ve been enjoying popular stories like Cinderella and The Lion King for a while now. I’m looking forward to adding to our collection with the Disney Book Club, and I’m sure one day she will remember her time spent with Disney too.

To find out more information about the Disney Book Club, or to sign up, visit Star Achievers. It’s well worth checking out!




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