Parent’s night in! Movie review – Captain America: Civil War

Having kiddies means limited free time. Fact! Having kiddies also means less spare cash. Fact! It’s because of this that I’ve become selective about which movies I watch at the cinema, and even more selective about which ones I add to my movie collection at home.

The Marvel range of super hero movies quickly became added to the ‘definitely going to buy that’ section of my movies list. I’ve not been disappointed so far, having in fact watched them each a number of times again from my couch. Whether you enjoy Tony Stark’s quick wit, Steve Rogers’ impressive muscles, or Thor’s gorgeous ignorance about life on planet Earth, you really can’t go wrong with choosing to watch any of the new Marvel movie titles.

For this reason I was excited to curl up one rainy evening and see what new adventures the Avengers team had in store for me with Captain America: Civil War. I’m very happy to report that it was every bit as action-packed as you would expect, and left me eagerly planning my schedule for the next little while to revisit the other Marvel movies in my collection (yet) again!

Captain America: Civil War Banner

The plot centres around the rift created between the Avengers when governments from around the world demand the gifted group of super heroes be held more accountable for their actions. The team (Black Widow, Falcon, the Winter Soldier, War Machine, Hawkeye, Vision, and Scarlet Witch) are forced to pick sides with either Captain America or Iron Man.

Tensions mount and their strengths collide in an awesome action sequence featuring many explosions and quite a few car tosses too. As the story unfolds you will be kept guessing as to who actually has the upper hand, especially when newcomers Ant-Man, Black Panther and Spider-Man are added to the mix.

Captain America: Civil War has most definitely earned its place within my Marvel super hero collection. It’s available on Blu-Ray and DVD, both in stores and online now. If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe the extra features on the disk are a must-see, while the 3D option is impressive and well worth checking out if you can.

Don’t forget that Marvel’s Doctor Strange releases in cinemas on 4 November. We still have a long wait for Thor 3, which only releases on 3 November 2017, but no doubt it will be worth it, and maybe I will have more free time by then too.


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